Enormous sea

Staring at enormous sea,
I was thinking..
Will it be over?
If i just jump into it..

Will it eat me alive,
With It’s majestic waves?
Like i never existed..

How magnificent you are?
I asked, curiously..
Will you take me anywhere?
a place i don’t know..

Will it be different?
Will it be pleasant?

I am done trying..
Will you take me with you?
I am sure, i won’t die..
you’ll save me,
It’s a strange feeling i have..

I’ll let you enter in me..
Will you do the same?
Oh grand engulfing sea..
Will you accept me?
As i am..

Or will you tell me to change?
Like others!
Hope.., i have in tons..
Impossible for me,
to think otherwise..
Nothing could go wrong,
I have faith..
In whom i don’t know,
But i have it in me..

Impossible for me to quit,
Am i like you? I am sounding like you..
Is that a reason,
I am attracted to you?

Tell me oh sea..
Am i that weird?
Unable to differentiate,
Between a man and a sea..
why do i see you as a person?
why do i feel everything,
Is talking to me?

Single drop of rain,
struggling to stay,
on a petal of a flower,
with a reflection of sky in it..
Cold breeze touching,
my face in mornings…
A silent view,
of sky full of stars..
A grand terrifying,
bt overwhelming view,
of majestic mountains..
Am i only one,
To hear you whisper?
Am i only one,
Who can feel you inside?
Am i dead inside?
Or extremely alive?
you tell me…

Author: An Incorrigible Optimist

I write short stories, poems...

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