Surface : The Art of Persuasion

Surface: The art of persuasion   via Daily Prompt: Surface

A person’s deep beliefs are as strong as the cohesive forces between liquid molecules. He’ll always try to portray an image of himself, which is made up of his beliefs and observations of life. But on the surface his beliefs aren’t protected, they are open and on display. When an object touches the water, surface molecules cohere strongly with each other but not on the surface, creating a film.
Now imagine your palm touching water in a pond really slowly. Feel the process. First your skin will slightly touch the water surface creating surface tension on water. It’s like water surface making place for your palm.
Same as other people get in touch with the outer surface of a person and they recognize some half trusted beliefs, broken dreams and holes and they manage to make a place for their ideas to fit perfectly with his surface. It creates a film of trust issues or a guarded wall we can say creating surface tension.
This film, makes any object to move on the surface difficult compared to submerged one. Person is in dilemma. It takes a little extra effort for the other people to move his surface along with them. But when they succeed and enter into the deep waters of that man. It’s easier to move him in any space they want. And this is my friend what we call the art of Persuasion.

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