Shivered into million pieces of colorless glass

via Daily Prompt: Fierce

Her heart shivered into million pieces of colorless glass when she heard the news. The thought of her man being with another woman, kept pounding her heart until he arrived at the gate. When she saw him, her heart skipped a bit. she ran towards him, looked at him for a minute and hugged him like she has never before. Surprised at the moment husband decided not to say something. Later he told her about the incident about his colleague felt sick at the party and he took her home. She smiled and said those three magical words in his ears.
It was the next day in office he came to know about the call his wife received before he got home, and knowing it was the same colleague who was with him last night told her that, he decided to confront her. But before that he had to talk to someone who deserved an explanation. He dialed the number, lady on the other side abruptly said, “no need my love”. She must be in love with you, Like i am..

Author: An Incorrigible Optimist

I write short stories, poems...

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