Hand holding: The intimate moment

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Hand holding: The intimate moment

His hands.. so masculine, dark, rough, with few burns and scars on them, were just perfect for me. His hands had bumps like mountains as we call them in astrology, and plains. When our hands used to meet, they would fill all the gap between them, air couldn’t pass through it. Mountains used to fill all the plains. My Fingers used to fit perfectly in his, like all of them exactly at d right place where they suppose to be. Tight yet smooth grasp of his hands around mine, my tiny little hands, smoothest and softest by far he said would fit perfectly in his. Nothing mattered beyond that. At that moment if the world would have been against me, I wouldn’t have cared less.. because it was exquisite, like his hands were designed for me, only for me.

Author: An Incorrigible Optimist

I write short stories, poems...

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